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Abrasives Incorporated Expands to Texas, New Mexico; Adds Three Locations

Abrasives Incorporated, producer of Black Magic® Coal Slag, has acquired the assets of Haller-Phillips Incorporated. 

Haller-Phillips has been a distributor of Black Magic® for several decades and is also a distributor of blasting equipment, parts, consumables and various types of blasting media servicing New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma.

Abrasives Inc. is widely known for manufacturing Black Magic® Coal Slag that is used in the abrasive blasting, roofing and seal coat industries. Abrasives Inc. is also a distributor of surface preparation equipment, parts, consumables and various types of blasting media within North Dakota and Minnesota.

“With the purchase of Haller-Phillips in West Texas and New Mexico, we are able to combine resources to better serve customers in two of the largest oil fields in the U.S.,” said Russell Raad, president of Abrasives Incorporated. He continued “Our knowledgeable field reps and availability of a wide range of products, combined with our high-quality signature product Black Magic® coal slag, have the ability to meet every need in the surface prep industry. We appreciate being able to give our loyal customers the very best solutions at competitive prices”

The acquisition of Haller-Phillips Inc. fits into Abrasives Inc., strategy to meet their customers’ needs and their goal of supplying product “Where they need it, when they need it”.

“Many of our customers travel for their projects and having operations in the Southwest will let us better meet their needs when they are doing work in that area. The acquisition is exciting for another reason because Abrasives Inc., is an Employee-Owned company and the employees of Haller-Phillips will have the same opportunity to become owners within the new company,” stated Raad.

“We began distributing Black Magic Coal Slag in 2003 when our demand for a premium coal slag “outgrew” our then current supplier. Abrasives met our demand then and still does it today,” noted Bob Ray, owner and president of Haller-Phillips, Inc. “The last several years have been challenging for us in the Oil & Gas Industry.

With Abrasive’s diverse product offering, unmatched customer service and sales coverage, we feel the time is perfect to combine our companies to strategically expand our level of service and expertise in the field of abrasive blast media and equipment. We are very excited to become part of the Abrasives, Inc. team, and hold the utmost confidence in our combined approach to becoming a market leader in the surface preparation industry.” said Ray.