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New AMPP Awards Program Honors Member Achievements

The Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP), the world’s largest society of corrosion and protective coatings professionals, recently launched a new annual awards program consisting of 12 categories for industry recognition.

The annual awards program is designed to recognize the achievements of individuals and companies whose contributions are changing the industry, society, and the world today.

Awards Program Committee

“AMPP’s member-driven Awards Program Committee (APC) began designing this new awards program following the merger of NACE International, The Corrosion Society and SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings,” said Sam Scaturro, chair of AMPP. “Since then, our committee members have combined the best elements of both organizations’ respected awards programs, while also expanding AMPP’s program to be more inclusive of those deserving of recognition.”

“The new program is both traditional and progressive and will provide deserved recognition to the world’s greatest contributors in the field of materials protection and performance,” added Raul Rebak, chair of the APC.

The awards program was designed by the APC, which is comprised of 15 association members from seven countries who represent a diverse range of industry roles.

Preserving NACE, SSPC Programs

“As a longtime, active member of this industry, it is important to me to preserve the honor and celebration associated with NACE and SSPC’s awards programs,” said Aida Garrity, vice chair of the APC. “Our consensus-driven approach has resulted in a program that will bring pride to those who earn each of these meaningful awards.”

Winners are selected based on a variety of factors, and nominations are solicited from AMPP’s 30,000+ members and the general public. Honorees will be announced and celebrated during AMPP’s next Annual Conference + Expo on March 22, 2023 in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Make Your Nomination Today

Nominations for the inaugural awards are now open and will run through October 9, 2022. Awards will be presented at each AMPP Annual Conference + Expo, beginning in March 2023.

The full slate of awards includes 12 categories recognizing outstanding accomplishments in areas such as service, leadership, application of or advancement of applied technology, and more. Here is a list and brief description of each award:

Distinguished Organization Award

Recognizes remarkable service and efforts in advancing the mission and core values of AMPP by a group of individuals, a team, or an organization.

Early Career Excellence Award

Recognizes individuals that worked in academia, research, industry, or government for 10 years or less and had excellent contribution and exceptional promise in materials protection and performance.

Educator Award

Recognizes individuals who demonstrated exemplary commitment to the advancement of knowledge in materials protection and performance, both in academic and non-academic settings.

Elaine Bowman Distinguished Service Award

Recognizes notable and cumulative contributions in assigned or unassigned duties or responsibilities to assist in advancing the work of the Association.

Fellow Honor

Recognizes outstanding and significant contributions of academic, mentoring, technical and policy efforts in the field of materials protection and performances.

Joyce Wright Industry Impact Award

Recognizes women who have contributed to creating a positive impact on the culture of the materials protection and performance industry, mentoring, and providing wisdom to others in the industry.

Oladis Troconis de Rincón Field Applied Technology Award

Recognizes achievements in the application of engineering and scientific principles to the protection and preservation of field structures and property.

Oliver Moghissi Asset Integrity Management Award

Recognizes exemplary support to the materials protection and performance industry through work that bridges the gap between maintenance/operations activities and the use of business management systems in the realm of asset integrity.

Project Awards

The AMPP Project of the Year Awards category recognizes superior performance, management approaches, innovation, or other achievement in the commission of materials protection technologies for new construction, maintenance projects, or the remediation/rehab of existing assets or buildings, as well as public service impact through community service projects.

Publications Award

Recognizes the most impactful nominated publication in each of the Association outlets (CoatingsPro Magazine, Materials Performance [MP] Magazine, and CORROSION journal) from the previous calendar year.

Russell Brannon & John Keane Signature Award

Recognizes a current member of AMPP whose outstanding service and leadership has contributed to the development, advancement, and promotion of Association objectives.

Willis Whitney Technical Achievement Award

Recognizes an individual for outstanding contributions and merits that have received international recognition and impacted the global dissemination, advancement, and understanding of materials protection and performance-related phenomena and processes.

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