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HMG Paints Recognised Amongst Family Business Top 100

Family Business United recently released the first 50 individuals on the Family Business Top 100 list. Two of names listed are employees of 92-year-old business HMG Paints Ltd; John Falder, Chairman and Stephen ‘Paddy’ Dyson, Marketing Manager. The duo are recognised amongst other prominent leaders of family business such as John Thatcher of Thatchers Cider, Stephen Bagnall of Alfred Bagnall & Sons, Simon Brewer of Brewers Decorator Centre and Joyce Onuonga of John White & Son Ltd.

The inaugural Family Business Top 100, which showcases some of the best of family business individuals across the UK, was created by Family Business United this year to recognise these people, their efforts and collective importance to our national economy. “We wanted to do something special to celebrate ten years of Family Business United and what better way than to celebrate the individuals managing the businesses that are at the very heart of what we do – championing family firms across the whole of the UK. Family businesses are the backbone of the UK economy and often the unsung heroes too.  Family firms are significant contributors to the economy in terms of jobs provided, income generated, and wealth created and behind each family firm are individuals driving them, making decisions and looking to the future.  Family firms take the long-term view and invest in their businesses and the communities in which they operate, and we wanted to create the Family Business Top 100 to recognise outstanding individuals within these organisations and to shine a light on the people that are making a difference within the business and more broadly too.” Said Paul Andrews, Founder of Family Business United.

HMG Paints are proud to have been recognised on the Top 100 list with John and Paddy both representing the business. “It is an honour to be standing shoulder to shoulder with magnificent family business leaders on the Top 100 list. I’m very humbled to have been recognised for my time and achievements at HMG. Every step of my career has been a pleasure and I have been fortunate enough to work for a business that has encouraged my development and engagement with other family businesses. There is no better culture than the one that family businesses create. Congratulations to the other worthy individuals on the list.” Commented Paddy Dyson.

Recently in 2021 HMG Paints Ltd were awarded the Essence of Family Business award by Family Business United “HMG Paints are truly great ambassadors of the family business sectors and in the eyes of the judges totally represent the essence of family business. They are worthy winners of this national award.” Said Paul Andrews. 

Featured in the Family Business Top 100 list, John Falder has been in the paint industry and his family business, HMG Paints Ltd (formerly H. Marcel Guest) for almost his whole life. Venturing into the family business for the first time when he was about 7, accompanying his father, Brian and grandfather, Herbert Falder, founder of the business, John has never looked back.

“My very first job was sticking on labels, and packing tubes of adhesive this was fantastic, and a good Saturday morning which involved me earning some wages (2 shillings and 6 old pence to be exact), which were spent later in the day at a local toy shop.” said John in an interview.

After John graduated from Bangor University in chemistry and marine biology, he started his full-time career in HMG at 21 years old and remains a huge part of the business 46 years later, stepping down as Managing Director in 2021 and becoming Chairman.

In 2021 John Falder was awarded the paint industries highest honour with a lifetime achievement award from the British Coatings Federation. “John is a great example of someone that has dedicated his career to the family business and embraced each opportunity along the way.  He thoroughly deserves recognition and his place in the Family Business Top 100” said Paul Andrews.

HMG Paints second recognition on the list is Stephen ‘Paddy’ Dyson who joined HMG Paints Ltd at just 18 years old (19 years ago) following in his father’s footsteps. Starting from humble beginnings in the label printing room, Paddy quickly became noticed by peers for his dedication & enthusiasm for the family business.

Paddy put himself forward for the new Marketing Manager position in 2008 and has since completely transformed the branding and marketing of HMG Paints with the family values at the core of everything that is done. Throughout his time in the business Paddy has also been an ambassador for HMG taking part in talks and judging panels for industry & family business events such as Family Business United.

In 2019 Paddy was a finalist for the Young Leader of the Year Award with the British Coatings Federation based on his achievements throughout his time at HMG. From creating internal engaging content for staff around the family values of the business to promoting them externally, Paddy has a skill set that is second to none and continues to go above and beyond for HMG and his peers.

“Paddy is an exceptional individual and totally committed to the family business in which he works, as well as the broader family business community and thoroughly deserves recognition for all that he does and is a deserving recipient of a place in the Family Business Top 100.” Commented Paul Andrews.

The nominations for the Family Business Top 100 list were sought from all corners of the UK and all sectors of the economy. Entrants must have been working in a senior position within the business for at least five years.

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