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Pipe Protection Crosses Canal

The Erie Canal stretches from Niagara Falls off Lake Erie about 363 miles (584.2 km) east to the Hudson River, outside Albany, New York. For a major gas and electric utility company in upstate New York, adding a new carbon steel pipe to the three existing lines required crossing the canal.

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Coating a London Waste Barge: A Snapshot

A new barge needed to be prepped and coated by EPIC Painting Ltd. before it could transport non-recyclable waste down the Thames River in London. The article was originally published in the inaugural Maritime News issue. Get a quick snapshot here!

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Hot, Hot, Hot: Insulating the Inside of a Digester Complex

Condensation and corrosion can spell disaster for any component of a wastewater treatment plant, especially the digester complex, an area of the facility where a network of pipes and tanks has materials flowing through it at temperatures of 110 to 120 °F.

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Inspection Tools Throughout the Years

The coatings industry continues to evolve, and along with it come changes to inspection tools throughout the years. These are a few of the tools that were mentioned in the Industry Insight article written by Randy Glover, President and Owner of O.T.B. Technologies LLC, in the November 2018 issue of CoatingsPro Magazine

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Readers’ Choice: Army Base Water Tank Recoat

When a 10-man crew from coatings contractor Blastco, a T.F. Warren company, arrived at the site in October to recoat both the exterior and interior surfaces of the carbon steel tank, they immediately found a number of unique challenges.

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Up in the Air: Coating a Water Tank

Formed in 1920, the Mukilteo Water & Wastewater District is the oldest active water district in the state of Washington. It provides water and wastewater services to customers north of Seattle in the Mukilteo region along Puget Sound.