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The Crooked Yardstick: Redefining Success

Take inventory of your successes. What comes to mind? The title of your position in your company? How much money you make? The value of your home? An award you won?

CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

Job Opening: “Experience Needed.” Really?

Count yourself as fortunate if you’re not among the scores of employers desperately searching to fill the nationwide shortages of truck drivers, nurses, and industrial construction workers. But don’t start feeling smug either.

CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

Writing a Coatings Spec: A Work Plan Example

A concise Work Plan must be submitted with each bid proposal, including that for coatings work. Failure to submit a Work Plan may be cause for rejection of the bid

CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

Simplicity Is Best

As an industry, perhaps even as a society, we have a ton of information, tidbits, and insight. The coatings industry has so much information that many of us are frankly overwhelmed. Some of us can’t get anything done that doesn’t have a deadline on it.

CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

Deck and Patio Coatings Steps, Tips, and Tricks

Commercial contractors know the challenges with concrete outdoor structures. While owners may like the natural look of concrete, they can become dissatisfied facing years of constant preservation.

CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

Three Keys for a Successful Content Marketing Campaign

Online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) used to be all about banner ads, paid link building, e-mail campaigns, and pay-per-click. While those things are still used, to be truly relevant to today’s consumer, you must add strategic content marketing in the SEO space to the mix.